A Day In Nikko (Part I)

Sunday 25th November 2012

Woke up around 7 am incredibly tired from the craziness of the day before.

Manu wrote with Hitomi the itinerary down to go to Nikko which seemed very easy.

I felt quite anxious as it was my first expedition out in the unknown, as usual I took a peak of the view on the rooftop every time I go out.
The view kinda soothed me out before I got to the madness of the city.

I could hear the birds and the kids at 8.45 screaming out of excitement.

Made my way to Kami-Itabashi got my 160 Yen ticket to Ikebukuro station. As it was too early I nipped out to Macdonalds for filet-o-fish and enjoyed my view of city waking up.

img_4625-1 img_4627-1 img_4631-1 img_4641-1 img_4643-1 img_4650-1-copyTook my train from JR Line to Nikko and took beautiful pictures but all of sudden after my roll finished I opened the Canon AE-1 without winding the roll back in which means I exposed the rolls argh….Don’t know what the hell I was thinking…..Arrived at Nikko

img_4675-1 img_4684-1 img_4711-1-2 img_4728-1 I made my way to the Information centre in Nikko (bus stop) to enquire about my future trek to Mount Oku-Shirane but was told that it was already snowed in and that it was very dangerous to climb it at this time of the year. I was quite devastated that I had to cancel my trip to the mountain so I carried on walking to the road to the famous Nikko Bridge.


I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t take any good pictures. Everything was so soft and not crisp. Not looking good at all I decided to give up and use my phone and point and shoot camera.


I managed to get to the bridge and passed the bridge we could see the famous Japanese leaves that are so red it was incredible, I carried on walking until I saw the first shrine.



A pathway with nothing but red leaves caught my eye so I stopped for a few minutes to get a few shots. Followed by a trip to the temple.

img_4905-1 img_4935-1 img_4907-1 img_4957-1

I then stopped at a beautiful Japanese garden to try and do some long exposures with ND Filters on. I was quite happy with the results but it started to get cold so I packed everything to leave.

img_4969-1-2 img_4971-1-2Determined to leave I made my way back to the city but just before hitting the road I stopped by the giant card showing the beauty of a small secret Japanese garden so I enquired about the price and it was 500 Yen so paid the fees and made my way into the beautiful garden.




After enjoying this incredible view I headed back to town and I found a lovely Wood craft shop where they build everything (real artisans).

img_5126-1 img_5140-1 img_5142-1 img_5134-1


Then straight back to the station to go back to Tokyo


Part 2 on next Page (A day in Nikko (Akihabara Town)


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

2 thoughts on “A Day In Nikko (Part I)”

  1. “Macdonalds for filet-o-fish” Doesn’t seem right to do this in Japan!!! 🙂

    Wow – the colors are so vibrant! I would have gone crazy taking pictures. Too bad your film stuff wasn’t turning out. You improvised very well though – these are great.

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