A Day In Nikko (Part II – Akihabara Electric Town)

Part II is the continuation of the the day in Nikko (the return).

My first thoughts of Akihabara was: What the hell!

img_5186-1 img_5190-1 img_5193-1 img_5194-1 img_5204-1 img_5230-1-2

I saw girls dressed as Manga characters lol and people in complete immersion in video games.
It was pretty hectic but I will let you see for yourself 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Proceeded to Akihabara Station

img_5238-1 img_5255-1

Spotted the ever obvious Sega and entered.

Followed the one way escalator to the next level.

img_5269-1 img_5266-1 img_5267-1 img_5268-1

back facing the station

img_5285-1 img_5304-1

Walked along the long roads.

This tempura meal made me hungry but I had to keep strong for my budget.


Went into Yodobashi and I started dribbling on everything haha.

img_5322-1-2 img_5356-1 img_5364-1 img_5367-1 img_5368-1

On my way to Nikko I realised that my Canon AE-1 was playing up a bit it couldn’t fire whenever I pressed the shutter. I was worried so in Yodobashi I asked at the counter if I could buy a battery for my camera (LR44 if I’m not mistaken) and the dude couldn’t find it so after 20 minutes of searching I took a gamble and bought one that looked very similar to it. Tried it, fired it and BAM it worked I was over the moon…..




Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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