Tokyo Camii Mosque [Day 4 Part 2]

Tuesday 27th November 2012

Made my way to the Odakyu Line but I’m so silly I bought the all day ticket thinking it was a metro line but it wasn’t. Never mind I kept on going…

Found the mosque which was beautiful Subhan Allah.



The Imaam of the mosque spoke to me and asked me where I was from so I made wudhu (ablutions) and made my way to the top and entered the prayer room.

img_5729-1 img_5731-1 img_5734-1 img_5739-1 img_5744-1

Entering the prayer room I could see many people sitting down on the floor, some visitors even had Hasselblad cameras it was fantastic to see so many people getting interested by Islam.


Prayed my two rakaats because I entered the mosque and then my Dhuhr and Asr combined at Asr time as I was a traveller.


Qur’an Translated in Japanese.



It was getting very closed to Maghrib so I quickly took a few pictures.

img_5734-1 img_5764-1 img_5752-1 img_5748-1-4 img_5744-1 img_5739-1 img_5776-1 img_5778-1-copy


Maghrib finished it was time for me to leave after saying my Salaam to my fellow Japanese muslim brothers 🙂

img_5782-1 img_5788-1

I made my way back to the station where I admired the beauty of dawn

img_5802-1 img_5808-1 img_5812-1 img_5817-1 img_5819-1 img_5820-1


I bought Japanese Kitkat they were so much better than the English or French one. The mint was incredibly strong I bought on 27th November 2012 I finished it on the 5th of January 2013 and I gave some to a lot of people. So you can guess how much there were in this little pocket size box.


I perfectly calculated my time as I had to meet Hugo a friend that I met on Flickr who helped me organize my Japan trip from Tokyo to UK. He recognized me straight away in Shinjuku he took me to Camera shops to try and find the Canon AE-1 for my little cousin back in London. After a good look in small corner streets I managed to get it and then straight out for food 🙂

We went to the Mongol Restaurant Halal it was very beautiful and even Hugo was surprised of the taste of it. I was well happy eating meat for once 🙂

After going back to Tokyo I wanted to go to Tokyo Government building to see Tokyo at night but couldn’t be bothered at all so went home.

Thanks Hugo it was brilliant meeting you 🙂


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Camii Mosque [Day 4 Part 2]”

    1. Thank you so much. The carved door is my favourite. I really enjoyed my time in this side of Tokyo. I must say that Japan is already very spiritual but when you meet people from your own faith it makes it even more special 🙂

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