Tokyo Government Building [Day 4 Part 1]

Tuesday 27th November 2012

Today I was determined more than ever to go and find that Mosque!!! I woke up at 8 am to a beautiful sunrise. Manu was still in sleeping so I made my way to the roof and captured that beautiful scenery.
I made duas today that I manage to get to see the Tokyo Camii Mosque and spoke a little bit with my family on Whatsapp 🙂

I left the flat and made my way to the bakery for the usual breakfast. Although I had my itinerary all planned on my phone I had no preferred order for the trip.

img_5431-1 img_5446-1 img_5453-1 img_5461-1

I chose the Tokyo Government Building first as it would then be out of the way when completed.

So I went to Ikebukuro then to Shinjuku.

img_5484-1 img_5496-1

I followed the signs in the station

img_5503-1 img_5507-1 img_5508-1 img_5513-1-2 img_5514-1

and after 10 mins walk I arrived at the Observatory.

It is free admission so I was happy! I was so impressed by the by the sight, being a beautiful it really helped to enjoy the whole experience.

img_5521-1 img_5552-1 img_5555-1

Visited the whole floor and made my way to the South building after.

img_5596-1 img_5600-1

The Tokyo Sky Tree was magnificent on that day!

After enjoying the observatory a lot I left the building and made my way back to the station.

I got distracted by the autumn foliage from the Park opposite the towers.

img_5694-1 img_5695-1

I walked and passed the Washington Hotel then walked and walked and walked until I was about to pass out.

Completely lost I tried to find my way in Shinjuku but realized I wasn’t in Shinjuku but in Nishishinjuku. Completely exhausted I stopped to relax and take pictures with Canon AE-1 and Kodak Ektar 100. I walked a little bit and found a Halal Mongol Restaurant which cheered me up, I walked closer and realized that they only open at 5.30pm and it was then 1.10pm. Took a few pictures of the environment so I can remember where it was.

At this point on my way back my phone developed a fault and it completely turned off so I lost all my itinerary for the Mosque. I was very annoyed and that is one lesson to never forget guys “Do not rely on electronics when traveling” write everything down on paper.

There was no way I was going to give up.

Arrived at the station from the back entrance bought a salad at Family Mart for 284Y
I asked a guy if he knew a cyber cafe around the area so I could find the address to the Mosque.

I managed to find a Cyber Cafe which was a manga place with computers, showers, toilet and food, it was insane. Paid my use fees and signed up for an account even if I didn’t want to but the guy said I had to in order to use the computer. I prayed then relaxed from the walking (30mins) then wrote down all the addresses and itineraries for the day.

To be continued…

Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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