Departure For Kyoto

Thursday 29th November 2012

I woke up today at 8am I was a bit stressed because I knew the rest of the adventure would be on my own and nothing but my own however I was so excited to see the beauty of Kyoto.
I struggled to repack my bags because I needed to make sure I only take the basic necessities with me.
I was quite happy because I knew that in some hotels I could wash my clothes so I took only a few t-shirts etc…

10:00 I left the house and after a beautiful moment spent on the roof to look at the city I finally made my way back to the station (Kami-Itabashi)

I went to the bakery as usual to get some breakfast. I reorganised my bag quickly as my Japan Rail Pass was in my bag and it was difficult to get quick access.
I made my way to the machine to buy my Y160 ticket and I arrived at the 4th Station Oyama and realized I lost my Japan Rail Pass.
A wave of panic came over me as I needed to use to go Kyoto! I tried to calm down and make duas.

I stopped in Shimo-Itabashi and ran to the other side of the station to catch the train back to Kami-Itabashi.
Arriving at back in Kami-Itabashi I ran to the kiosque and I tried to explain to the guy that I had lost my pass, he saw the distress on my face and let me in for free (Japanese people are so nice I swear).
Then a lovely lady spoke to me and asked me if I spoke English to which I responded yes.
She took me to the side and asked me what happened. I told her about my misfortune and she said ok where did you go before paying for your ticket!!!!!! I laughed and realized I left it in the bakery so I went back to the bakery and found my Japan Rail Pass in the same position I had left it! If that isn’t honesty wow.

The lady accompanied me to the train and boarded with me on the Tobu Tojo line back to Ikebukuro. We exchange stories and told me about her life and how she learnt English. Her name was Yakuta! I will never forget her face. Domo Arigato Gozaimas Yakuta-San!

I then made my way to Tokyo Station after saying my deepest thank you and regards to Ms Yakuta-San and booking my seat on the Shinkansen for Kyoto for 11.30am.

img_6109-1 img_6108-1

Arrived in Tokyo at 11.20, I ran to the Shinkansen platform using my super Japan Rail Pass, made it on time and boarded the train at 11.27. I missed the bullet train door so I went into the train and walked through 6 cabins to get to my seat. It was either this or I missed my train (that’s an advice for you guys if you late just board the train and look for your seat after going in).

I was sitting next to a couple then connected at Nagoya then straight to Kyoto

img_6113-12 img_6128-1

The Shinkansen was so fast I couldn’t take pictures as it made me feel dizzy.


I managed to get a few shots of Mount Fuji but ended up using my film camera to take shots.

Arrived in Kyoto!


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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