Thursday 29th November 2012

Arrived in Kyoto Station completely exhausted by the speed of the train and the connection in Nagoya.
I made my way out of the station and my first impressions of Kyoto was WOW! it was quite developed and I was expecting the traditional style straight away but I was wrong, despite the difference in expectation I was not disappointed whatsoever.

It took me a while to understand which side the hotel was. I went through the north exit but it was way too busy to be there plus I could BIC CAMERA so I made my way to the south exit which looked more traditional and relaxed and started walking. After 10 minutes of walking and trying to figure out where the hotel was, a guy on his bike naturally came to me and asked me if I needed any help; I told him I was looking for the Ryokan Seiki Hotel to which he showed me the direction to on his bike. I thanked him and entered the Ryokan.

I was welcomed by the owner who was so kind with me, he told me everything about the flat and how to make myself comfortable. I took my shoes off and made my way to the flat
I went down again and asked how to put the light on, he showed me I felt dumb lol


The room was typical Japanese it was so cool to have everything in the same place and I knew I wasn’t gonna struggle when packing as everything would be there in front of me.

I made myself comfortable and started unpacking. I didn’t have to do my prayers as I did them in the bullet train.

I repacked my camera bag and made my way back down to ask where to go to Arashiyama, he said to me that it might be too late for Arashiyama and advised me to go Gion instead as it’s nice and fun at night to try to spot the Geisha girls.

I listened to him done my prayer and made my way to Kyoto Station it was about 6.30pm

img_6208-1 img_6220-1-2

I got lost in the Station and an old little man suddenly came to me and asked me If I spoke English. I responded yes and he jumped on me hugging me screaming YES!!! lol I was like WHAT???
He followed by explaining to me that he went to London for 2 months to watch the Olympic Games he said London was expensive compared to Japan (I think not haha!!!!)

He made joke and jumped on me again shouting “I like you SON!” then punched me on my arm because I said I didn’t watch the Olympics lol. His name was Choji and made my evening I will never forget his face lol. He told me about his life living and growing up in Kyoto. Choji also asked me if I could check his pronounciation as he was studying English. He then helped me to find the bus stop to go to Gion and he was walking super fast, he asked how old I was. I said 24, he responded “Wow you are very young my son”! “You will never guess my age, because I won’t tell you” that guy was a trip! Love you Choji.

He then showed me the bus stop and said bye bye couldn’t even take a picture as he was so fast.

I wanna meet you again Choji

img_6203-1-2 img_6243-1

I took my bus to Gion

img_6298-1I arrived at Gion around 8.00pm but stopped at the station before so I could walk and enjoy the sceneries.


img_6322-1 img_6323-1 img_6352-1

I was amazed of how busy Kyoto was at 8pm.


I spotted 5 geisha girls and I tried to take pics of them but I was too shy

img_6404-1-2 img_6407-1



Back to the Ryokan to relax. Today was very stressful and depressing. I was so exhausted I didn’t have the energy to look for a halal place to eat so I went MacDonalds


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

2 thoughts on “Kyoto”

  1. “punched me on my arm because I said I didn’t watch the Olympics”
    Yeah, I’m with Choji 🙂

    Those empty alleys and colorful lanterns are great!

    1. Nothing wrong with missing the Olympics!!! It was a struggle for us London people to travel…no one thinks about us (hahaha)
      Choji was a trip I can’t believe it happened to me! Thanks

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