Friday 30th November 2012

Woke up at 8am in a very good mood today, I was ready to conquer the world. The thought of just seeing the bamboo grove completely boosted my mood and Imaan.

I made my way downstairs to speak to the owner if he could help to find Arashiyama. I told him I had the Japan Rail Pass; he showed me a map of Kyoto and told me to take train from Kyoto to Arashiyama.
I asked politely if I could keep the map with me to which he responded yes, so I thanked him and made my way to the station via south entrance.


I arrived in Arashiyama after 40 minutes by train. I came out of the station and I felt lost again.
A few guys were showing the way to the people so I asked one of them who told me to make my way to the right.

img_6480-1 img_6482-1

After 5 minutes walk I could perceive the bamboo grove from afar I got excited.

I walked and entered the forest! I stopped and couldn’t even believe my eyes
I was there after so many months of dreaming of it; it was incredible
I closed my eyes and touched the bamboos, I could not help but feeling spiritual.

img_6528-1 img_6535-1-2

I walked all around the grove until I reached the first temple where people were praying so cut the road and carried on after taking a few pictures.

Followed by more Bamboo grove.

img_6583-1 img_6602-1 img_6677-1 img_6692-1 img_6728-1 img_6734-1-2

I then switched to my Canon AE-1 for more analogue shots

The weather changed for the better and the sun came out beautifully, I came across this beautiful plant that was still there even though it was autumn.

I could see the famous maple leaves.

I paid my entrance fee for the Tenryuji Temple and walked around taking shots of the beautiful leaves.

I went out to leave but the sun came back out again so took the original road back to the information desk to leave

I was living my dream Subhan Allah!


I made my way and completely flipped into Analogue mode after leaving the Tenryuji Temple to finish my trip to Arashiyama.



Before reaching the station I bought food and Orangina

I went home and tried to find the nearest Halal food restaurant for the evening. I wrote down all information and went to Kyoto Station to find the actual road. The Rose Cafe which was the restaurant I was looking for was located in the Miyakagi Cho.

I took the bus there and for some reasons I just couldn’t find the place so I walked and walked and walked until a Japanese dude on a bike stopped and asked me if I was lost; I answered yes. He was so kind he helped me by typing the address on the iphone and used his GPS to find it, after passing in front of Kyoto Medical University we managed to find it. I thanked him and went separate ways.

I was so happy to find it. I entered the cafe and started ordering. I went for the burger but then changed my mind, I said to myself I’m eating my first Halal in Kyoto I need to eat a good plate so I ordered Chicken Kebab with Rice and Salad

In the meantime I asked the lady where the mosque was and she came out of the restaurant and guided me to the masjid but was unfortunately closed.

Went back in and realized I’d left my camera on the table but it was Japan it was safe 🙂

I started taking pictures of the decor

The food was incredible. The waiter whose name was Shito was very intrigued by my Canon AE-1 as he was studying photography at university especially black and white. I gave him my email and flickr ID for later.

Absolutely loved the food but time to go back home and relax because I was completely destroyed.
I passed by Yodobashi Camera shop before heading home.


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

4 thoughts on “Arashiyama”

  1. Salam..suddenly bump in to your blog after an hour searching about Arashiyama bamboo groove, well i have plan to visit Arashiyama with my husband this october, wanna ask you about how far the bamboo groove from saga arashiyama station? is there any halal food around Arashiyama? I intend to have dinner at Rose Cafe too, can you give some guide to there, and which transport is best to go there?

    1. Wa Aleikoum salam warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!
      JazakAllah khair for the message al hamdulilah 🙂

      Masha Allah may Allah make your trip an amazing one! I love Japan and I wish I could go back especially now that is the Autumn season. The bamboo grove is not that far from the station, I can’t exactly remember but I think it is about 7-10 mins walk from it. You can not miss it as it is a leading path and there are so many people walking that way too :).

      I am not sure about Halal food around Arashiyama as I spent the day walking around everywhere. I only ate croissants and chocolate to keep me going lol.

      When I was in Tokyo I found it hard to find Halal stuff even when I went to Tokyo Camii Masjid in Uehara. I think it was easier finding a halal place in Kyoto.

      If I remember well the Rose Cafe isn’t hard to find neither although I did get lost finding it but only on the main road. The cafe is situated on the main road (please accept my apology if it isn’t). What I did is print screen the google map of the location on my phone and showed it to someone who was willing to help (people are so amazingly nice there). The kind person who was riding his bike saw the struggle on my face (lol) and kindly stopped.

      Altogether the Rose Cafe was literally 50 meters away from where I was. It was so good to eat meat for once after 10 days of fish 🙂
      I was served by a Japanese student who was very nice. We spoke a lot about how life in Japan was for him and me in London. 🙂

      Please don’t forget to visit the Kyoto Muslim Association (it is the local masjid I think) as it is only around the corner from the Rose Cafe. When I asked the waitress where the masjid was, she took her apron off and walked me down the road (10 meters) and showed me the building. It was closed when I went there but it was a good discovering Al hamdulilah 🙂

      Hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

      Assalam Aleikoum 🙂

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