Saturday 1st December 2012

I woke up around 8am but I just could not get out of my futton because of the body ache from yesterday’s solo excursion.

I took the train to Nara

The train was packed and I met a little old man who was taking pictures of the trains. He was so cute Masha Allah lol he was trying to catch all the JR Lines trains as we were moving. Everyone went “wow” when I stepped into the train with my Canon AE-1 around my neck. Haha!

They all asked me where I bought it from. The train journey was about an hour long. After arriving in Nara I realized that I was in a predicament. NOTHING absolutely NOTHING was in english all in Kanji. Fortunately after looking around for possible indication I found a bus man and asked him where I could go to go to Nara park. He told me it was the bus that operated the tour which cost Y200.

Everything was so Japanese nothing English, I was analysing the whole city and realized I done Station to Terminal and missed the stop so I had to do another tour of the city and make sure that I would come this time at the right stop where I could see the deers just outside the university.

First thing was when I came off the bus the incredible coldness hitting my face, I had to wrap my scarf around my face to protect myself from the cold.

img_6881-1 img_6887-1 img_6888-1

I saw the first deers and I could not resist to buy biscuits for them. I love them so much!!! I walked all the way to the garden making my way to the Todaji Temple. I cut the corner and crossed the road to go through the forest first. I saw a few more deers, they look so still.

img_6924-1 img_6973-1 img_6976-1

I followed the road and came back on my steps to go to Todaji Temple.

The red leaves I awaited so long for were here in front of my eyes

img_7026-1img_7004-1 img_7036-1-2

The entrance of the temple was magnificent and the size was incredible


I left the temple as I had to pay entrance but I needed to save money so I didn’t and made my way to through the Tori to the inner temples

Entered the temple garden which felt so good as you only get to see these things in movies and video games.

Japanese architecture is stunning.



img_7042-1 img_7104-1 img_7115-1a

The feel of old monastery was stunning I felt as if I was in a tibet.

I then started to feel very tired so I made my way to the station walking as I couldn’t afford the Y200.

I left Nara at 3pm and arrived at 4pm. The sun started to come out whilst I was in the train. So beautiful.

I was going to attempt a trip to Kiyomizu dera temple but I got too tired.

Stopped at home to do my prayers and then out to taste Japanese curry Shrimp.

I arrived in the restaurant and they served me straight away, I chose level 1 which was incredible hot to me. I looked at the levels and saw level 6!!!! LEVEL 6 OMG! could you believe level 6 I would have gone to hospital lol.

Then family mart for ice cream then to bed

Day to Nara was challenging with cold temperature but so good.


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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