Golden Pavillon – Fushimi Inari Shrine – Kiyomizu Dera Temple

Sunday 2nd December 2012

I woke up at 7am this morning got ready eating cereals.

I made my way downstairs and asked the owner where it was to go to Fushimi Inari Shrine and he showed me a map. She explained to me where I had to change etc…

I was on my way to the Kyoto Metro but on my way to the Station I felt like going to the Golden Pavilion so I turned round and made my way to the bus station.

I arrived near the Pavilion after taking the bus I had to walk a little until I reached one street. I stopped in one shop and saw a Samurai Sword Katana I asked the lady and she said it was ok to bring it to the airport (my brother wanted one).

I entered the Park and started taking pictures.

Paid the entrance fee.

I could hear so many WOWs and OHHs already before I even got the Lake.

I arrived and was completely gobsmacked!


So magnificent I couldn’t believe my eyes. Too bad the weather wasn’t with us but it did have a mysterious feel. I can’t even imagine what it would be like under the snow.

img_7173-1 img_7187-12 img_7202-1


I followed the group and went up the stairs.

I walked around the first mini temple and spotted this guy who had a beautiful Hasselblad camera who was changing the film.


Stopped by the temple to take pictures of people praying.

img_7286-1 img_7283-1-2 img_7289-1It was time to go I had to leave so I could go to Fushimi Inari.

I left the Park and made my way onto the bus where a few kids were playing they were so cute

Arrived back at Kyoto Station, I was starting to feel tired from all the walking but I was determined to go and find these Toris.

img_7317-1 img_7325-12 img_7329-1 img_7378-1


I took the train which was a JR line and arrived at Inari Station which was perfect as the temple started just outside the station.

I was so shocked of how many people were visiting these toris. What was incredible was the fact that 99% of these tourists were Japanese!!!


I decided to do the whole trek which was 2.5 kilometres and I had my huge Lowepro bag with so many films and camera.

I stayed in the Inari site then left to go back to Kyoto station.

Went home dropped all my belongings and grabbed my tripod.

I went to take the bus but it started to rain.

img_7426-1-2I managed to find the Temple but stopped in a shop as I saw a beautiful sword Katana that my brother wanted so bad. I entered and was greeted by a couple (owners) and asked them how much the price was. I left the premises telling the seller I will be back because I needed to find a way to bring it back to UK.

He said the airport would allow it as it’s imitation.

I left and went for a beautiful walk down the temple and realized I had to pay. I walked down the alley and it was so dark no one could see me so I sneaked in haha. I felt like a thief lol.
I made my way through the Japanese professional photographers dodging the flashes and shots and went on the balcony where the magic happened.

I set my tripod and started shooting, my battery was already dying so I had to change in the rain which was a mission.

I started my long exposures but then people were walking on the balcony making vibration that made me unable to take good ones so I took support on the balcony edge.

Left the building as a staff member told me they were about to close. I quickly ran out just to be sure they wouldn’t charge me haha. Luckily no one approached me!

I walked back to the shop down the lane and bought the katana for my little brother.

I met a Japanese guy who was from Sataima and we exchanged phone numbers.

I was so excited for my brother but just the thought of carrying to the UK was too much until I walked in front of Kyoto Station and saw Kyoto Post Office and a little light in my head sparked.

I posted the goods to UK

– After coming back to the UK I waited so long for the delivery as it was the christmas chaotic time but in January after contacting the post office they sent me a message saying they were going to destroy the goods as the sword was a offensive weapon. I was destroyed inside for my brother who never knew I bought a present for him –

After this excitment I had to treat myself and went to a Sushi place in Kyoto Station and ate 10 plates of Sushi which were heavenly then Hagendaz ice cream from Family Mart then straight to bed for Hiroshima for the next day.


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

6 thoughts on “Golden Pavillon – Fushimi Inari Shrine – Kiyomizu Dera Temple”

  1. Too bad about the sword! That sucks.

    Meanwhile, that Fushimi Inari shrine looks absolutely incredible!!

    Also, I think my next camera will be a Hassy – gotta start saving now 🙂

    1. I was devastated but then I had to get over it as it’s “not good to cry over spilt milk”
      It was good seeing it though

      Fushimi was incredible especially the trek it was so spiritual and vast. It made me feel like I was in Tibet

      You are not allowed to have Hassy before me lol!!!!! Are they expensive in US? which one will you get?

      1. Good attitude! 🙂

        Yeah, so I’ve looked into the Hassy and it looks like I’ll have to spend at least $700, probably more! I’m probably going to get the 500CM.

      2. I know they are very expensive but let me tell you one thing!!! When you look in the viewfinder you will melt (make sure you get a light meter like Sekonic something like that to read the exposure needed) I am looking into getting the 503cx (the one that Stanley let me use)

  2. assalam. found your blog while searching for arashiyama. just a quick question, do you remember the name of the sushi shop in kyoto station?

    1. Wa aleikoum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,
      Unfortunately If I remember well, it’s called the Sushi Musashi Jr Kyotoasuteirodoten
      It was delicious, make sure you’re careful about what they use in the food, many sushi places prepare sushi by cooking the sticky rice with mirin (japanese alcohol) or put alcohol in the soya sauce :(!
      In shaa Allah all will be fine, sorry for late response, your question was in the spam section for some reasons.

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