Sunday 3rd December 2012

Bye Bye Kyoto

I woke up at 7.30
Check out was at 10.00 but I left at 09.00 making sure I finish the beautiful Japanese milk and cereals.

Awesome stay in the Ryokan but it was time for me to leave to Hiroshima.

I walked to Kyoto Station and the lady told me that were no direct train to Hiroshima and that I would need to connect in Osaka so I reserved two Shinkansen seats.

Shinkansen N700 => 15 minutes to Osaka
Sakura 553 => 1h30 to Hiroshima.

I fell asleep in the Sakura.

As I arrived in Hiroshima everything was in Kanji so I felt lost again. I got lost trying to find the hotel where it was in fact in front of me. I asked a few people and they said I had to walk the other way to get to the Urbain Hiroshima Executive.

My bag was so heavy but I arrived at the hotel and check in was too early (12.30pm) so I had to leave my bag behind and made my way to Hiroshima Memorial Place.

I went through Hiroshima Station which I never understood the system of (lol) and took the tram which was so much better than train.

img_7429-1 img_7438-1On arrival there was a man on the floor with blood all around his face with two police men, he seemed ok.

Arrived at the Memorial Place and I couldn’t help myself from feeling extremely sad. The place was dull without soul. I could still feel the pain in the eyes of the people.

The dome was beautiful even though these atrocities happened.

A group of school kids were there studying the surroundings.


I made my way to the Museum.


I paid the 50Y entrance fee.
300Y to rent the audio tape in English and it was more than worthy as I got to know so many poignant details.

img_7498-1 img_7489-1

A collection of things they have found in the debris.


I was absorbing the knowledge from point 1 to 11 when I proceeded to point 12 I started crying and couldn’t stop crying. It was so sad to see. How can people do these kind of things to people and kids.

img_7592-1 img_7594-1

I stopped into a video room to watch a 9 minutes memorial piece of documentary which got me even more emotional.

They showed the Atomic Bomb but also kids dying from the blast, radiation and heat. I felt so bad taking picture of them and as you carried on you could feel as if you were in a movie but this was reality. Anger took place.

I left the Museum with feelings I couldn’t explain and walked to the Hiroshima Castle.


Time was ticking so I had to make sure I visit the Hiroshima Castle before I go back to the Station and Hotel to check in.

I tried the computer to find the Halal place, I found a cafe called “Cafe Teraitai” (an Indonesian owner) that serves Halal in Hatchobori. I walked there and for 1 hour I tried to find the place but it seemed as if they had moved to another place. It said 3F but there was nothing but an empty warehouse. No halal tonight! 😦

I gave up and went to LABI photo Camera shop and went to Enhido and I ate a beautiful meal. They gave me an egg it was so hard and cold I thought it was cooked so I broke it and realized it was raw, the egg went everywhere it was so embarassing.

HOME!!!! I stopped in Macdonalds to get a beautiful chocolate dessert “Choco Pie” it’s like a samoussa but in chocolate.


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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