Miyajima Island & Mt. Misen

Monday 4th December 2012

Woke up at 8am and got my stuff ready for breakfast which was very nice including the rice and crunchy salad.

I met an australian couple with their kids, we spoke about our time in london as he lived there aswell for a few years.

I made my way to Miyajima, I took my train from Hiroshima.

img_7723-1-2 img_7722-1-2

I boarded the boat with the JR Pass which was free.


First sight of the beautiful Miyajima Tori from afar.

img_7734-1 img_7743-1


We arrived on the Island there was one queue that went to the Aquarium and one for the Island itself, being an adventurer I had to go through the Island 🙂

img_7759-1 img_7792-1-2I stopped in a few shops to get some presents for my auntie and friends.


I stopped there to do my prayer next to a few deers it was so humbling.


The trek of Mount Misen Started here:

img_7803-1 img_7827-1 img_7832-1


This trek was the hardest I have ever done in my life. The more I was climbing the more I felt like there was more to climb.

img_7853-1 img_7856-1Stopped at 900m and took a lovely long exposure of the mountains.


I arrived at the Summit where I could enjoy the last Coca Cola can before the guy actually closed (he had to turn the machine on again to power it up – so kind of him)

img_7875-1 img_7880-1 img_7884-1

I met a lovely person her name was Oti she was the only at the top, we enjoyed the view and met an Australian guy and guy from Hackney, London.

We all made our way to the station as we couldn’t walk anymore after this atrocious trek.



Then our way back to Hiroshima and wanted to try Tempura but it was closed so I opted for A Japanese Italian restaurant for Sea Food Pizza which was incredible.




Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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