Wednesday 5th December 2012

Woke up and started packing and my day by redoing my bag a thousand times.

I left Hiroshima to go to Osaka (and I couldn’t remember if I connected somewhere along the way) I met the Australian family for the last time in the same train!!! Such a coincidence.

I arrived in Osaka and I struggled so much to find the right exit of the station as the Station was huge. A lady helped me telling me I was on the wrong side of the station (I was at South Gate and needed to go to North Gate).

I arrived at North Gate and started walking out of the station and felt incredibly lost, there was no one to help. I felt as if I was in NYC as everything was so business-like and so fast! I came in front a hotel but the name was in Kanji so I tried to match up the kanji on the printed itinerary and realised they matched! I was so happy I quickly ran into the hotel.

I went in and the lady at the counter helped me out but said it was too early to check in. I asked if I could wait to which she responded yes. So I sat down in front of a business man who looked so anti-social.

It was 1.20pm the lady came to me and said the room would be ready at 2.30 instead of 3pm. I thanked her and by 1.30 she came back and gave me the keys telling me the cleaning lady just finished the room. I was so happy I went upstairs to unpack and got ready to explore OSAKA!!!!

I went straight onto my Aquarium quest. The lady at the counter was like the most helpful person in the world, she went miles and miles just to help me. I bought the all day ticket for Osaka transport so I could have peace of mind.

Stopped at Mos Burger to get filet-o-fish which was the best I have ever had


Arrived at the Station and walked all the way to the Aquarium which was very easy to find, the place was packed with so many Japanese tourists

img_7972-1 img_7973-1 img_7977-1 img_7978-1 img_7982-1

The beautiful Whale Shark was so majestic

img_8370-1 img_8380-1


img_8415-1 img_8429-1 img_8432-1


I then got lost into the Mall and wandered around from Ninja shops to Hat shops to Toy shops.


Osaka is so expensive

I bought a few presents for my family and enjoyed a beautiful paella (sea food) with unlimited coke refill.

img_8474-1 img_8475-1

I went back to hotel and enjoyed my last day in Osaka

Objective seeing-whale-shark: Completed!


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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