Takayama & Shirakawa-Go

Thursday 6th December 2012

Today was a big day! I had my breakfast which was continental but wasn’t that great.

I re-packed all my stuff to gain room and ease whilst traveling.

I checked out at 09.00am

09.40am: OSaka to Nagoya (shinkansen)

10:33am: Nagoya – Takayama (Hida 7)

My last trip in Japan!!!!

Before traveling to UK my friend talked to me about a train trip that would go across europe all the way to Asia, I was kind of envious of the idea but I got blessed because the trip to come was exactly what I had been envying.

img_8491-1 img_8499-1


I arrived in Takayama and the cold air slapped me in the face, I approached the kiosque for help and to my surprise the lady had a better english than me. She gave me the direction to the Hotel (Takayama Ouan).

I stepped into the hotel and removed my shoes as the policy stated and made my way to the reception.

The guy told me I could not check in as it way too early and check in was at 3pm only. I kindly asked him if I could leave my bag behind to which he accepted. It was 1.10pm so I took advantage of the situation to go on my Shirakawa-Go excursion.

Left the hotel and made my way back to the central station and went into the office to reserve tickets. The guy send the ticket was 4000Y but too late to back down I had to spend this money.

I went into Family Mart to get some snacks and drinks.

The bus arrived and I sat where I needed to and started eating my food. The bus ride was so beautiful and obviously I had no idea of where I was going. Excitement!

We went through a 8 km tunnels (well I think so) and when we came out, the whole landscape was snowed in. It was incredible, breathtaking!!!!

I took so many pictures and then we arrived in Shirakawa-Go which was even more beautiful, the driver said he would be back by 5.45 so I had 3 hours to kill!



A stunning bridge that connected the village with the bus station. I made sure I didn’t go too far just in case as it was snowing heavily and I didn’t want to spend the night in the woods.

img_8529-1img_8514-1 img_8516-1

I ran into a shop and bought some gloves as my fingers were about to fall off.

img_8553-1The snow was so soft but yet falling like an avalanche.

The weather then suddenly changed to a blueish colour as the sun disappeared so I wanted to keep the feel in the pictures.

img_8567-1 img_8569-1 img_8573-1 img_8580-1

I sincerely felt like I was in Uncharted the video game being in this environment.

The night came quite quickly and I had to make my way to the station and all the way back to Takayama.

I couldn’t believe I went from Autumn to Winter over a 8 km difference.

I went in town to find food but everything was so expensive minimum 2400Y so I had tempura which was excellent in a little family restaurant where I was the only guest.

Came back to hotel and used the Private Onsen which was heaven! WOW!

Went to bed…..

This is the end!!!!


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

4 thoughts on “Takayama & Shirakawa-Go”

  1. What’s an onsen?

    Wow – those snowy pictures are awesome! That place looks like a small Swiss village in the Apls! 🙂 LOVE those blue-ish photos as well.

    Such a wonderful trip.

    1. An Onsen is a Japanese hot spring (like natural jacuzzi without the bubbles) but it’s natural and comes from the mountains (correct me if i’m wrong people :)) there are about 3000 in Japan
      Thank you so much it does look like a swiss village, this village’s architecture was made for snow purposes because of their hard snow seasons. The blue-ish tone is what you actually see there

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Hello! Was googling on takayama/shirakawa-go and chanced upon your blog. I’ll be going down end December! 🙂 Just wanna say that your pictures are GORGEOUS and I can’t wait to see that in real life! May I ask though, was that a solo trip? I’ll be on my own and will be walking around on my own so am definitely a bit worried.

    1. Hi, Many thanks for the kind words. This was an incredibly journey. It was a solo trip indeed and everything was very safe and you will have no problem navigating from cities to cities and of course safely. I stayed in the nearby city Takayama and took a 45 minutes bus to Shirakawa-Go. Hope everything will be ok.


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