13th July 2015

Overcome with joy was the feeling of this day.

I met my brother at my uncle’s house in Battersea, South London. The Victoria line experienced some delays on that day as somebody had jumped in front of a train earlier in the morning, causing a lot of disruptions in the north part of London (between Warren Street and Cockfosters).

I had to jump onto the Northern Line which was incredibly long to end up in Clapham Common. A few days prior to this transit I went to Battersea to drop my big suitcase as I knew that on the day it would be too hard. I had so much stuff on me it was so hard to carry everything and it started raining.

I arrived safely at around 11am. I started repacking cleverly my suitcase, went to get myself a haircut and take money out for the holiday.

We took off to Knightsbridge by taking a bus from Battersea to catch the Piccadilly Line to go to London Heathrow Airport.

Every step of the way I was getting more and more excited. My uncle grabbed all the suitcases and put them in my uncle’s van to meet us up at the airport.


We arrived at the airport and checked in. We stopped to pray and off we were.

We arrived at Dubai International Airport for the transit. We spent a whole hour looking for my cousin who took another flight to Dubai twenty minutes after us.




img176\ img178

He finally find us in this huge crazy airport. It was a joyful moment.

We took off again and this time for Mauritius, I was so exhausted as it was still Ramadan at that time and the journey was around twenty hours. I didn’t recall eating so much.









It was a beautiful flight and we travelled with Emirates which was my first time. I was equipped with many books and started reading my beautiful new book called “Mélanie, Française et Musulmane”, written by Mélanie Georgiades (formely known as Diam’s), a female rapper who deserted the toxic world of the industry towards peace and serenity by embracing Islam. Her conversion made a lot of controversy in France. The book is written in French.

This book made me cry.


My cousin was sitting in front of me and turned round to ask me some questions, this was the start of a wonderful and deep conversation. I was very emotional to start with as I had just read a few pages from the book (mentioned above).

He mentioned some stuff about his life and I started crying again because of his wisdom as such a young age Masha Allah, I just couldn’t hold back the tears to the words of this beautiful soul. May Allah reward him for his beautiful wisdom. Ameen.



It was a great feeling as the last time I engaged in conversation of that depth was almost a year ago.

We approached Mauritius and I made my way to the window as I was sitting on the aisle.

We landed almost a few minutes after and I was admiring the wonders of the work of our Creator. Mauritius you are so gorgeous you never looked so beautiful Subhan Allah.






We landed and checked out at the airport. Immigration cards were given on entry of the country to fill out.

We saw family who came to pick us up, it was so kind of us and they offered us samoussas and beautiful food.

We went to Goodlands, Mauritius to say our salam then straight to the Campement (Villa in Creole) with our suitcases.

We were so exhausted we all went to bed.


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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