Mauritius: Day Two

16th July 2015:


I woke up in a beautiful mood on that day after completing the salat of dawn (fajr) and I was ready to go to the beach. I stepped outside to have a look at the weather and to my surprise everyone was ready so my brother, my two cousins embarked on a quest to discover our beautiful island.

I was ready to start taking pictures and documenting my life there.

img276 copy





I couldn’t help but taking interior shots already.




The walk took about 1 hour and 30 minutes even though all we walked was from Grand Baie to La Cuvette. I felt blessed to finally spend time with family. We walked all the way to La Cuvette and came back just having fun and enjoying the beautiful weather. This gorgeous sun was kissing my skin ever so gently and was feeling so happy with the sporadic tropical rain falling down on my face.


img282 copy


We stopped at a holiday company and the lady spoke to me in creole and managed to get us a deal for the future days to come and I grabbed her number to book the trips.







My cousin and my brother went separate ways as they had to go and get prepared for the Mehndi for the day of Eid. I carried on with my cousin to Pereybere.

My cousin stayed with me.



I love these buses.

We arrived at Pereybere and my cousin was discovering the area as much as I was because we had not been there for 4 years and everything had changed so much.

At some point we stopped on the beach but I could see someone walking with a specific style that looked so familiar and I thought it was my other cousin from UK but I was like…why would it be him and there? I went to get some chicken at Mississippi Fried Chicken which was awesome and as I walked round the corner the same guy appeared in front of us and I became speechless as it was actually my cousin from UK. I was like wow.


We ate on the beach and walked on the sand followed by beautiful deep conversations. We prayed and we made our way back to Grand Baie.
I took opportunity to load my Rolleicord at that point with some Kodak Portra 400.

We jumped on the bus and paid the driver because you pay the driver before you sit down.


On our way back to the campement we stopped at the school as they had an end of the year school party to experience their cultural celebration.

The swimming pool was beautiful.


We then jumped back on the bus to go to Goodlands for another Iftar, it did feel like we were non-stop already and it was only the second day.



The bus was going was so fast (Mauritius is famous for the way bus drivers drive) yet I was happy that I could still catch a clear glimpse at the several fields of sugar cane as well as the small jungles on these higher plateaux.


We arrived 20 minutes later in Goodlands which is in the north of the Island. I was excited to see such difference in culture compared to the one in Port-Louis (capital of Mauritius).

My cousin wanted some mint so we went to the corner shop to get some. He didn’t know how to speak Creole so I kinda had to translate for him.

We then proceeded to going to the house and I think we just arrived in time for the Asr prayer.



I saw this beautiful little corner atelier where the guy was fixing some tuxedos. I really wanted to catch this as the light was so great. I did a metering of the place and shot this so quickly I am so surprised it came out well.

I made my way to my uncle’s house feeling satisfied that I managed to get that shot.





Time for Iftar.



Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

4 thoughts on “Mauritius: Day Two”

  1. Hello Karim !

    I follow your work on Flickr and i really love your pictures of Mauritius. I have leaved there for 7 years and your pictures remind me a lot of things. Very realistic and idylic at the same time.

    Go on !

    Lou Ella

    PS : sorry for my english, i’m french so…!

    1. Lou Ella,

      Merci tellement pour ton message ça m’a fait chaud au coeur. C’est fou il y a très peu de personnes qui vont à Maurice pour vivre car généralement c’est plutôt à la Réunion qu’ils y vont à cause de la France. Merci j’ai encore 30 jours de voyage à couvrir et ça va être long haha.

      Je te remercie encore et à très bientôt.

      J’espère que je n’ai pas trop oublié mon français 😉

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