Mauritius: Day Four

18th July 2015

I had such a short sleep on that day due to the nature of what was about to come. I had to get up at 5.30 to get ready for Eid prayer.






We arrived at 7.02 in front of the house, we started getting ready and walked to the mosque after wishing everyone Eid Mubarak (Happy Eid).

The Khutbah (sermon) was incredibly powerful and it really moved me. We finished and greeted everyone. Once again I had to get over my shyness and outgoing introversion to wish the greetings of this joyous day. People don’t really believe me when I say I just don’t know how to respond in social settings. Everyone in the mosque realised that I was not from Mauritius (native) from the way I was carrying myself but also from my looks. My beard didn’t look typical Mauritian but more Arabian. The more I was greeting people the more they were saying: “Kot to sorti?” (Where are you from?). I responded in Creole: “Mo sorti l’Angleterre” (I come from England). I asked my cousin if it was blatant that I wasn’t from here, he responded that it wasn’t my accent because my accent was good but more the way I was in my mannerism. they said I look foreign. Haha I guess I’m an universal nomad. I don’t fit in in any of my cultural inclusive places.

Again this intrigued me and this related to the discussion regarding the social acceptance amongst cultural settings and how you can sometimes feel like a stranger even in your most personal/inclusive social setting.

We left the mosque and made our way back to the house using a different route as advised in the Sunnah.
I love how Mauritian muslims follow the Sunnah so well. Masha Allah.






As we got closer to the house we could smell the beautiful flagrance of the Biryani as it was cooking on the pot.

I took advantage of the situation to shoot 5 rolls of medium format plus a few 35mm rolls.


I got so carried away 🙂

I loved my auntie/uncle’s place it perspire of Africa, India and China, well not that I have been to these places but damn it was nice.

My uncles were taking turns in cooking the Biryani on real fire in the garden. Firdaws (a friend from the family) cooked and prepared the salads which were amazing. So many flavours and colours bursting in one bowl.






Four hours later it was time for Dhuhr which we attended at the mosque again. This day was a day of celebration and enjoyment with the family and like every year I got emotional because such a blessed month had departed and all the blessings within too.




img828 copy




My stomach was suffering because of the Biryani and not being able to eat spicy food. We went home by the end of the Asr and realised that we still had time to go to Pereybere to swim in the sea. I grabbed my Monofin and ran to the car so we could catch the sunset as well the beautiful waves.




As we arrived to the seaside we ran and jumped in the water. I tried my monofin for the first time and it was so hard to use but crazy at the same time as the power that you get from the force emitted. After many epic fails I finally succeeded in finding the technique to use it. Where I failed was the use of the snorkel which I was so rubbish. We came out of the water and people were looking at me like: “what the hell is he wearing”? We showered in the cubicles and went to have dinner at Mississippi Fried Chicken.

By the end of the day we were just exhausted because of waking up so early.

Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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