Mauritius: Day Three

Friday 17th July,

We woke up quite late again due to exhaustion. I felt tired and woke up at 10am without realising that it was so late. I had to go Jumuah so time was of the essence. I showered and got ready to get my sim card which I did at Emtel. I had a good deal. I was with my uncle and he had to buy some cereals too. By the time I had finished with Emtel he was gone from Super U in Grand Baie. I came back wondering if my uncle was gone. I heard his voice and was relieved.

All of a sudden I started receiving texts which meant that my sim card was activated, I called my uncle (other) to cancel the car that we were going to rent for the month as my cousin from Phoenix called and said he had a car that he didn’t use Masha Allah and we could have it if we wanted to. What a beautiful heart he had.

We were overjoyed with the offer we then went to Goodlands to Jumuah by taxi which was so cool as the taxi man took us through an usual route in the sugarcane fields.
We arrived early in Goodlands, St Antoine and it was the last day of Ramadan and Eid was tomorrow and we went straight to my uncle and realised we had 5 mins to walk to the masjid.

I’ve left and went there and decided to go to do wudhu there. On the way there I realised that there so many beautiful places to take shots so after jumuah (blessed with an amazing khutbah in creole, I fell so blessed to be able to understand this beautiful language) and happy to have been able to understand fully the meaning of the Khutbah.

We called my uncle on our return and whilst we were waiting for him my cousin and I took a walk towards the mosque to photograph its surrounding. My uncle arrived and called us so we rushed back to the house. We boarded the car and departed on our journey to Phoenix.


The journey was long but Al hamdulilah we arrived safe at at our cousin. We met his kids Masha Allah.

I asked my cousin Khalid if he wouldn’t mind if I took pictures and he kindly took me in his house to different places. I was so happy.






We left the house as the Adhaan just started so we had a few minutes to make our way to the Masjid (mosque). Khalid took us to the mosque.

img072\ img075





We came back to the house and met Ghadin who was a little Algerian boy who came to spend his holidays with his Mum who is also Algerian.

img820 copy





Masha Allah she had so much Nur (light) on her face she was so pious. We briefly discussed life in France and the difficulties and racism and bigotry that this place generates. I lived in France for 15 years so I can talk about it. She was from Marseille and surprisingly they didn’t have an accent. I remember that she praised Mauritius and how people lived in such harmony although there are people from all faiths on this little island that can teach more about peace than these so called developed countries. She just reminded me so much of this lady from Morocco full of wisdom that I met in Makkah in front of the Haram extension and stopped me, before leaving she uttered words that would scar me for the rest my life (in the most beautiful way), Al hamdulilah fil Islam.

We exchanged our Salam and left after thanking our cousin Khalid for lending us his car.


Just to make it clear half of my family is Muslim (my dad’s side) and the other half is Christian (my mum’s side). May Allah guide us all. I am incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to learn about both religions and grow an understanding of both.

My brother decided to drive back to Port Louis which was hard but at the same time the sun was going down. The sun was setting down on this last day of Ramadan and what a day it was full of blessings and just beautiful feelings. We opened our fast in the car with a pack of dates that Khalid had left for us in the car.

At this point we kept on going round and round and admittedly got lost in Port Louis so we made our way back to a place that looked familiar and followed the road to La Tour Koenig, which is in Point aux Sables in Port Louis. This is a creole district and this is where my mum’s family live. We could already see the difference in culture. This is the beautiful thing with Mauritius it most of the time feels like you are stuck in Africa, India and China at the same time.

We slowly approached the door that we remembered from memory 4 years ago and knocked on the door and they were so happy to see us. It was so amazing, she all shared dates and started chatting but time was ticking again and Maghrib was coming so we prayed and left promising that we would be back God willing.

Time to go home and what a lovely day it was. As we were making our way back to Grand Baie I was thinking of Eid and how emotional it was gonna be.

After Ishaa prayer we went to Goodlands to say Eid Mubarak, we got comfortable and started cutting vegetables for the Biryani for the next day as in Mauritius the national Eid dish is Biryani.

We were laughing so much and enjoyed ourselves so much. One of the nicest day of my holidays so far. Filled with love. My cousin and I decided to catch up on Islamic discussions which were so beneficial. Al hamdulilah.

Today was more of a spiritual day and I didn’t take much pictures.


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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