Mauritius: Day Five

Sunday 19th July 2015:

Sunday being a sunday, very little was on my mind and all I was thinking about was photography. Only because I was able to relax. I started thinking on what to do next and planning my holiday a bit more accurately.

I woke up quite early and half an hour later we were in the car ready to leave. Time went by quickly and we decided to visit the family. We set out on our way to Port-louis without any real plan.

As we got closer to Port-louis, I decided to take out my Olympus mju II to take pictures of the scenery as we were passing wonderful fields of sugarcanes with mountains in the background. I took one and all of a sudden the camera started blocking and the lens didn’t come out at all. I was baffled and rather anxious as this camera was ideally for my trip to La Réunion (Reunion Island). I started feeling stressed as the last thing you want is to have a broken camera when you are on holiday. I love my mju and I believe it to be a small version of my Mamiya 7 for its sharpness and compactness.

I put it back in the bag and forgot about it and tried to move on as it was just material things. I was successfully over it a few minutes after.

We spent a lovely day there and my cousin from London came with us, he didn’t know this side of my family.

I don’t have the first roll of film as it was in the mju and got broken.




One of my favourite snacks: Boulette (Boulettes (balls) can be made of fish, chow chow or meat).

I spent time with my auntie, my grandmother and my cousins followed by a trip to Quatre Bornes to have dinner. It was so special and I felt so happy.




I was enjoying the weather so much and I took so many awesome shots that will shown in the future on flickr.






Today wasn’t a great day for photography and the majority of it was spent spending time with family.

I ended up driving back to Grand Baie from Quatre Bornes which was like 25 miles drive in tropical rain.


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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