Mauritius: Day Six

Thursday 23rd July 2015:

Today I woke up really early (7.30) as we needed to go to Casela with family.
Casela is a beautiful huge animal reserve with amazing stuff to do like zip lining  (which I did in 2011) and safari trips.

I got ready and only had time to eat baguette and kraft cheese (all Mauritian people know why I chose that).

I made my way to the car with cousin and brother then all of a sudden my brother said to me: “you’re driving, I can’t today”. I tried to find all the excuses in the world as I truly detest driving not because I don’t like driving but because I can’t be bothered with people mistakes on the road.

I had to do it as my brother slept awkwardly that night due to not having any pillows so he couldn’t turn his head to the left.

I got into the car and I adjusted the mirrors and stuff. I started driving and all came back very quickly and so had my confidence. I drove all the way from Grand Bay to Port Louis. Mid way my brother received a call from my auntie asking us if we could pick her up to go to Casela. I started having cramps in my belly as I was weak from not having breakfast and the stress of going to la Tour Koenig in Point Aux Sables by car. I never drove in Mauritius for that long before and it was peak time as everyone was going to work.

I was tired and my eyes started getting tired too. I hadn’t slept well so exhaustion became apparent. We reached la Tour Koenig and I knew my way to my auntie’s house from there as after a few streets I remembered the way.

We went in and quicky got into the car. We departed with no idea to how to even get to Casela. We laughed so hard but we kinda tried to guess where it was. I remembered in 2011 that we were going to Flic en Flac beach or Albion that we saw billboards.

Anyway! Haha.

We stopped at Casecavelle (shopping centre – black river) to buy stuff to eat at Monoprix.

My brother entered the car and said he wanted to drive.

We arrived in Casela 2 mins later













img257\ img256





Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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