Mauritius: Day Eight

Friday 24th July 2015

We started this day with a lot of laughter and laughing so much. My cousin asked us if we wanted to eat crepes, to which we gladly said: YES!!!

We stayed at the table chatting with my other cousin who now lives in Belgium and how our lives have changed so much. We chatted until 12:40pm as it was time for me to go to the mosque for Jumuah salat (prayer). My cousin told me the way to take to get there, baring in mind I do not know Quatres Bornes and the district.

I managed to get to the mosque and the Khutbah was again beautiful. After its completion I left and tried to trace back my steps through the slalom of streets to return back to my cousin’s house that I had only seen at night. I evidently got lost and it took me a good 40 minutes to get back to the house. It was so hot and I was so tired from the fast pace I was walking at.




I managed to find the main road and I found the house. My cousin was getting ready and I was taking pictures. We ended leaving the house at 3pm. My cousin wanted to come with us so she came and we made our way to central station to get the Express from Quatre Bornes to Port Louis.


img490 copy

The journey was quite beautiful but a feeling of sadness took over me as I knew I was leaving my family.

We arrived at Port Louis 15 minutes later and my cousin wanted to see my other cousin that she hadn’t seen for a longtime. He got into trouble and was in jail for a long time which broke him so badly. It was so sad and he didn’t remember me much. I couldn’t help but feeling sad but also understanding of the situation.



I walked in Port-Louis documenting some of the districts.

We said goodbyes to him and we walked to La Gare Victoria to get our first Dhall Pourri since we had landed.


Kids having ice cream and lemonades.



I said bye to my cousin too and I left solo to go back to Grand Baie. I was walking by myself in the streets of Port-Louis towards the bus at the main station Gare du Nord and all of a sudden I felt like my bag was being pressed and I turned back and a guy jumped and uttered: “Sorry”. I walked faster and turned back and checked my bag and it was opened. Thank God nothing had been stolen. I doubled my guard and carried on my trip home.

img520 img521

I boarded the express very disappointed of the poor state of the bus and I fell asleep.

I arrived in time for the sunset. I prayed and went to bed.





Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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