Mauritius: Day Eleven

Sunday 26th July:

Another Sunday and another time to relax and go see the family.

On this day it rained like no other day, it rained non-stop but I felt so happy being a pluviophile (someone who loves rain).

I woke up quite anxious because I was meeting family I didn’t really know, I love them dearly but I just struggle to come out of my shyness.


We spent time inside the house catching up and enjoying the beautiful moments. I asked if I could be excused to take a walk outside and they accepted. I saw the fog and immediately grabbed my camera (Rolleicord V) as it was the only camera I was equipped with is on this outing.

I put a roll of Portra 400…just before leaving I realised that it was time for salah at the local masjid. I asked my auntie where the local mosque was (she gave me directions). I made my way to the mosque admiring the landscape of the jungle and the fog, as I approached the entrance I noticed that the time for congregational prayer was 12:45 and it was 13:05.

I went back disappointed and prayed in the house.

I took a few pictures that I knew were going to be nice.

img730 copy

img731 copy

img732 copy

img733 copya

img734 copy


Food was being prepared and I just couldn’t wait to go out so I left again and took a walk through the village that boasted the typical beautiful African red soil. Well they didn’t name this area of the island for nothing “Terre Rouge” (Red Soil in English).

img746 copy

img747 copy


The rain was just so beautiful and soft. I am a pluviophile and I felt so alive in that rain.

img735 copy

img736 copy

Satisfied with my adventure I decided to head back to the house after my mum had called me to tell me that food was ready.

We enjoyed incredible food. I had rougaille crevette with rice and dhall.

We finished the meal and we went to visit quickly other family in the area for a few minutes then went back home.

The night came very quickly after we arrived back at the campement. I can still taste the prawn in my mouth three months after coming back. It was that good.

It was truly different to just shoot 6×6 on this day. I was going through in my head what I had done earlier on. All this whilst sharing a beautiful moment with my mum drinking green tea and watching the rain fall as the sun was setting. It reminded me of when I was a kid. A memory I will not forget.

Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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