Mauritius: Day Thirteen

Thursday 30th July 2015:

I was the first one to wake up on that day and I was looking at the doorway for my cousins to come, nervously awaiting for them to appear whilst eating my breakfast. Time was ticking and it felt like time was standing still. I stopped at each spoon contemplating life and the day to come. As there was no signs from them, I started concentrating more onto finishing my cereals. A few minutes later to my surprise they both appeared. We were so nervous about the day to come but at the same time very excited about it. You could tell the anxiety on their face.


We left the complex and made our way to the front of the gates waiting for the van to come. Adriana Tours promised the driver would turn up for 7am.
It was 6.55am and all of a sudden I saw a people carrier coming from afar and it was indeed our driver.

We greeted the driver and embarked on this journey. He took us through Grand Baie to Flic en Flac via the new road called Verdun. It’s a 26 km road that goes from North to South of Mauritius.

We got to experience the beauty of the sun rising from afar. It felt like it was an anime from Studio Ghibli for the way that the beautiful sky was being painted with this magnificent light.


An hour into the journey going through magnificent landscapes.

The journey took a good hour and a half. What caught my eye was the extraordinary mountainy landscape. I was in awe everywhere I was looking.

We slept a bit due to our crazy early start. I was so nervous at the idea of swimming with wild dolphins.

We arrived around 8.30 atvFlic en Flac beach. We changed into our swimming stuff and got ready to put our bags and what not on our boat. There were a lot of Chinese tourists on that day. They had huge boats. The driver directed us to a small boat and I began to be worried because I saw the comparison with the tourists and I saw our boat. I cheekily asked the skipper in creole why the boat was so small. He replied nicely: “bateau la zis pou zot matelot” (translation: this boat is only for you).
I smiled so much.


This part of Mauritius really reminded me of the beauty of Cameroun that my friend Alain told me about so many times.



We got onto the mini speed boat.

It was incredible, exciting, dangerous but fun at the same time.

We approached the open waters in no time after a 20 mins boat ride at full speed. I was so scared the water was so clear yet cold.

The air was so fresh and clean and we were full-speed on the Indian ocean. It felt like time stood still.

We saw some dolphins appearing from afar then disappearing into the abyss of the sea.

I know Mauritius boasts a beautiful coral reef high enough to not let sharks go passed it….but you never know.

We approached a group of big boats and our skipper asked who was going first. My cousins looked at me and the guy said you (pointing at me).



I got so scared because the openwaters were so cold and wide and mysterious. I made dua and jumped straight into the water and a feeling of loose came over me. I started swimming towards the dolphins but they were too quick. I couldn’t catch up and a cramp appeared in my leg because of the cold water.

I tried in and out of the boat 3 more times but I still couldn’t catch up with them.
In the meantime my cousin and her little brother jumped too but her brother began to panic so they both got back onto the boat.

In the end I chose to sit down on the boat and put my monofin on. I then asked where the dolphins were and the driver didn’t know as they had disappeared from the surface. Then all of a sudden we saw the dorsal fin and I jumped into the water and swam quick this time I managed to catch up to them swim one meter away from the dolphins. Al hamdulillah. One dolphin turned its body and looked at me then disappeared.

I got back onto the boat realising my dream just came true. We made our way to the famous crystal rock.

We approached the famous volcanic rock way before we could see Iles aux Benitiers

img706 copy





I saw this and it was a dream come true.







The famous Ile Aux Benitiers.


We stopped and checked the whole place. It was absolutely incredible and I felt like I was in heaven.

There were no parents with us so we really enjoyed ourselves (haha sorry guys).

We had barbecue tuna, chicken and sausages, baguettes and Mauritian salads.

after that my cousin went on the hot sand to tan and I put my monofin on to swim and the water was so clear I couldn’t believe it. I don’t really like digital outlet but I asked my brother if I could use the GoPro camera to film my sea adventure.

img701 copy

After a long time relaxing and enjoying our time in the beautiful sun it was time to head back.


The skipper took us on a long journey towards the openwaters and asked us if we wanted to swim in even clearer waters, we obviously shouted: “yes”. 20 minutes later we were there. We anchored next to a jetset boat and I was so scared to jump in the water I asked my cousin if we could both go at the same time and she said yes. We could see and feel the undercurrents which was significantly scary.




img575 copy


We finished the journey and it was time to leave.

Sad to finish this amazing adventure but rest was definitely needed. I could feel the beautiful wind caressing our face as the speedboat was kissing the waves.

We arrived back at Flic en Flac and back to Grand Baie.

Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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