Reunion Island: Last Day – Day Three.

Thursday 6th August 2015.

Today was my birthday! Al hamdulillah.

I was slightly sad because I was leaving this beautiful island but at the same time so grateful for the beautiful moments that were made special thanks to Vincent and Fred and their families.

The trip had come to an end and in retrospect I realised I hadn’t taken that many pictures on the last day.

We started by having a gorgeous breakfast made by Vincent’s mother :).






It was an awesome time! We made our way to the Natural History Museum next door to Vincent’s house and the heat was almost unbearable. It felt like we had three different climates in less than 72 hours.


img023\ img024


Fred came quite late that day and we left to go to the beach. We didn’t pack anything on that day in terms of food as we kinda felt like we wanted to eat out.



We drove all the way to the famous beach in La Reunion taking the dual carriage way that is being built.

Fred was driving to give a break to Vincent who had been driving the whole time.

The heat was so unbearable (I say it again).

We arrived at St Gilles and we realised how beautiful the place was. There was hardly anyone around.
We began to search for a place to eat but things were rather expensive for a simple crepe. I lived in France and there is not way I would pay 9 euros for a crepe and Nutella.

img030 copy

We set on the beach and Fred wanted to go swimming but his dream of going swimming got crushed when he saw the boat. The boat was there to alert the public of the presence of great white sharks or tiger sharks around so he had to stay on the sand. Reunion Island has been known to have shark attacks in the past.

After a good hour relaxing and just absorbing the beautiful weather and reinforcing our melanin, we decided it was now time to eat.

We settled in a pizza place. It was actually the first time in my life that I was sitting with friends at midday in a restaurant outside eating a lovely meal and having gorgeous refreshing soft drinks. My brother looked at me and said exactly the same thing. He said he really wanted to do it more often.

We took time to eat but realised time was ticking. We rushed to the ice cream shop to get some before leaving and walked back to the car to make sure we got in time to the house to pick up our luggages. Fred was serious on the road.


We arrived and I asked Vincent if he could take us to the St-Denis Mosque so we could see it quickly before leaving the Island. We accepted and we rushed to it. Vincent was so nice and really made it possible. I am so grateful to him.






It was so beautiful and peaceful.

We left the mosque after praying and ran back to the car and back onto the motorway to race to the airport.

And….that’s where anxiety took place, it was now 4pm and there was so much traffic it was crazy, it felt like we were never gonna make it. I started making dua. After 30 minutes of not moving we managed to get moving. Al hamdulillah.

We arrived at the airport just on time and managed to go through security after saying our goodbyes to Vincent and Fred.

It was such a beautiful journey.

We boarded.


After 30 minutes flight we arrived in Mauritius and were picked up by our uncle and auntie. It was so lovely to be back into Mauritius and we could feel the difference in culture straight away.

Uncle treated me for a lovely restaurant meal and it was gorgeous. It was sweet and sour fish with noodles.

We went to bed straight away after that so tired from all the trekking and running and walking.


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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