Vietnam: Hanoi [Day Nine]

Monday 5th December 2016:

I woke up after a turbulent night, the air conditioner unit was so disruptive and made the whole room very cold.

I reluctantly went to get some breakfast after my shower which was quite poor and I had no appetite. Today was a low day. The difference of temperature was so evidently strong, I could notice the lovely scent of incense burning throughout the hallway downstairs in the reception. I left my room and took the awesome set of stairs to the next level but realised there were 12 levels. I looked all the way up and perceived the ceiling. What an incredible building this was, the architecture made it all special and the air being cold made it feel all so royalesque. The interior was strongly influenced by French architecture.

I decided to take the lift and got to the last floor of the hotel with the intention of getting a beautiful view of the city. As the doors opened, a lady came in, shocked, I said: “Oh hi”. She replied excited: “Hello hello hello”. She introduced herself, her name was Ba Twe from Myanmar, Burma and uttered that it was her first time in Vietnam. I replied accordingly and said that I wanted to have a view of the city so I shyly left the elevator and said my farewell. She took a step back as the doors of the lift closed and said that she wanted to discover Hanoi in a better way. She asked me if I wouldn’t mind her following me on my quest to discover the beautiful spots of Hanoi.

I took the pictures I wanted whilst chatting and replied that I didn’t mind.

The first thing I explained Ba Twe was to be careful of her belonging. She insisted on walking all the way to the Old Quarter.

I suggested to get egg coffee on her first day in Hanoi. One of my notes was ripped so could not be used, I had to pop in to a bank to change it which they did without any hassle.

Today I had planned to go on the perfume pagoda excursion but I couldn’t be bothered to travel again on a day trip. My energy was wearing thin. I was already exhausted and we were blessed with a 27 degrees Celsius weather all day, the weather felt very sticky/humid.

We set off onto the first part of the trip into this madness, the city was waking up. She arrived late in the night so didn’t see much of the city. We took a different route to get to the cafe, we went through a side street and passed a micro-market where people were cutting meat on small metal plateaux and were selling all sorts of vegetables. The smell was very strong.

We could see a huge mist in the air around 10am and the station was packed. It felt like the whole city was already active.

We went through a different way to get to Cafe Giang. We finally reached the café after a great walk. 

We entered the long corridor and the kitchen was in front of us. The sweet smell of condensed milk and roasting coffee beans hit our senses so delicately. Excited I walked up the stairs leading the way for Ba Twe. Ba Twe was smiling so much she was so happy. 

The cafe was not busy at all and what a lovely time it was and everywhere was clean. Ba Twe was so excited. She was so happy that it brightened her day, the coffee was so good.

Ba Twe thanked me at every sip of her coffee and even asked for a second cup.

After a lovely shot of Coffee we decided to hit the road again and not waste any more time. The weather was so lovely reminding me of France in summer.

We walked around the Lake Hoàn Kiem for a while.

Ba Twe wanted to do the rest of her trip by herself as she had to go the Old Quarter. We both went separate ways and it was the last time I saw her.

I wanted to take time around the lake Hoàn Kiem to relax and write some stuff and record on paper what I had experienced so far but my love for photography took over and the heat got too much. I decided to walk back to the district. I was now fully operational in this district of Hanoi and knew my way around.

I was also very determined to finish my roll of Fujicolor 100 which was dear to me as when my friend Takugo gifted me with a roll when he used to live in UK, I used it for my cherry blossoms series back in London. I liked the tones so much I wanted to try more of it.

I went back to the hotel to pray after buying some Kitkat matcha, a bottle of water and lychee juice then hit the spot straight away at Cosiana D’lions restaurant for lunch time.

As I mentioned earlier on in the post, I was feeling quite low today but it was due to the fact that my very good friend Wayne had passed away a week ago and I didn’t get a chance to deal with it due to the intense travels and constantly having to be on the go. Today I guess, was the day I had to face my emotions. I confronted my feelings as I knew this sadness would perdure the more I was putting a plaster on this wound.

My sadness was great as I miss him a lot. I didn’t even get to see him before he passed though I travelled to Wales with the intention to visit him, not knowing that he would pass away the very next day. Wayne didn’t want me to see him in this state but he would have been the first person to read my diary in this beautiful place (Vietnam).

To him we belong and to him is our return.

My friend Hernan contacted me and told me to go out to change my mind. I broke down in tears at the receipt of his message as his kindness touched my heart, I walked to the mirror and spent 10 mins staring at myself seeing so much of him in me. He helped me become the man I am today. Thank you Wayne….I miss you…. I wiped my tears and made my ablutions.

Hernan still insisted that I should go out so I grabbed my bag and left. The weather was incredible, he was right and the feel of this pastel amber setting wintery sun made me feel so at peace.

Perhaps that was my gift from الله عز وجل that even when things are difficult there is still beauty in this universe. My heart felt calmer. Verily our hearts are wild creatures, perhaps this is why our ribs are cages.

My pace slowed right down the more I was walking. I was trying to absorb the wonderful pace and energy of this insane territory.

I just couldn’t believe that I was in South East Asia in the middle of Hanoi. I was pondering about life a lot, this entire chaotic environment allowed me to concentrate on my life and focus on what really matters in life. It’s amazing what travelling does to your heart and brain, it’s like a drug that completely opens your mind. You get to know about yourself and you get to know about the world around you. I learnt so many new things about myself and most importantly I became more aware of the wonderfully breathtaking world around me. – MS

After some time walking in the city, I spotted a few guys with film cameras but I was obviously too shy to approach them. I went back to the Vintage Camera Shop around 17:00 and I asked the guy where the photo lab was as I was adamant to not leave Hanoi without finding it.

He left the shop and asked me to follow him to the place which was kind. He showed me the sign of the lab on the side street. I thanked him and went there. I had all my rolls with me so I could enquire about the processing time and price. I walked up the stairs with excitement. The interior of the flats were incredible.

I got to the top floor and found the guy who ran the lab. I asked him about the processing time for a few rolls. He replied to me that it could take more than 24 hours for processing and scanning. Disappointed, I had to decline the service as I was flying to Ho Chi Minh City the very next day and this wouldn’t give enough time to come and pick them up. I sent a message to Tayne to convey my disappointment but he boosted my morale by letting me know about his lab in Saigon.

I left happier and went onto taking more pictures. Time for salah was approaching so I missioned to reach the masjid in time in the other district. I experienced the intense rush hour and it was so overstimulating. My senses were all over the place.

I managed to get into the masjid and sought refuge within from the incredible rush hour madness. It was already getting dark and I rushed to the bathroom to perform my ablution and got ready.
I met some brothers from Vietnam, Indonesia, UAE. I stayed in within the masjid until Ishaa. Feeling tired and drained, I knew that good food was needed. I left the mosque and went to the Old Quarter to find a restaurant. I felt like eating vegetarian food again so I visited Viet Village again to enjoy a beautiful mushroom steak cooked in soya sauce with chips and eggs. Topped with a wonderful cup of Jasmine tea.

There were no more shots to take as the night masked the sky and the city quite quickly.

I thanked the staff and returned back to my hotel, happy of what I had achieved. I arrived at the hotel after a 20 mins walk and confirmed with hotel the time for the pick up the next day.

Bed time!


Author: Nadeem Karim

| London / Paris Photographer - Mu'min |

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